The Sand Museum

I have started this blog to display to viewers at large my photography. Naturally my intention is to present before you my artistry – my kalakari.
But today’s post is different.
This post is not meant to impress you with my kalakari, but with the kalakari and hard work of another artist.
Her name is Gowri. You will know more about her by and by.
On a trip to Mysore, we learnt that there is a ‘Sand Museum’ on display. Never having seen one, I had no idea what it is like.
But visiting the museum was one of the best things I did in a long time.
As I was seeing the exhibits, I was highly impressed with them. They were all beautiful. Fantastic!
But it was in my second round that I became aware of another fact – the enormity of the exhibits.
Each one of them is big. How much sand must have been required for constructing each one of them?
How much time it must have taken for the artist, Ms Gowri to create them? How painstakingly each and every detail has been carved!
In contrast, how easy it is for us to take photos – even if we want to be very elaborate about it.
Hats off to her!
This post is therefore to appreciate her work – hard work, skill, creativity, patience, and entrepreneurship.
Therefore, read this post and see the images for the content, not the form.
As we exited the exhibition impressed and satisfied, whom should we meet but her proud father? He introduced himself and then we spoke about Ms Gowri’s art and efforts. Needless to say, his face was radiating with the fatherly pride that all of us fathers feel when our daughters do us proud.
So I had him stand next to the board giving more information about Ms. Gowri and took a photograph and included it in this essay.
I am sure you will appreciate the efforts Ms. Gowri put in creating the museum. You may appreciate her by writing to her.

Her e-mail address is

And if you happen to be visiting Bangalore or Mysore, make it a point to visit her exhibition.
It will be worth it, and, you will thank me. And maybe it will inspire you to on similar lines. And then you will thank me even more.

So, so long until we meet again, soon, this time.



    1. ·

      Dear Ulhas, this is to appreciate your getting in touch with me. May be because of some technical fault, your message has not reached me. Will you be kind enough to repeat your comments please?

    2. Alok Malhotra

      Thanks for bringing this up. So far I knew only of Sudershan Patnaik from Odisha and now I know Gowri too.

      No words to appreciate Gowri’s work. Its like ‘Ret bol uthi’.

  1. Sanjay kathale

    Wow, it’s amazing .
    I have no words to express my feelings.

      1. Tilakchand

        Fantastic. Beautiful artwork beautifully captured in the camera. Though footprints on sand are momentary, this sand art proves it wrong. Carry on sir.


  2. ·

    Dear Ravindra,
    I never knew, sand could be such a wonderful medium of expression. As a child, like every body, I too played in sand and built my castles and dug my wells, but that was all I could use sand for. This is something out of the world….more elegant than a classical painting, more magnificent than a Greek sculpture. Your photographs are not just images, they are themselves art. Many thanks for sharing them with us.
    Warmest regards,
    Vishram Gupte

  3. KC

    Very impressive photography. Keep it up. KC


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