The Mysore Palace

Have you been to Mysore? Have you seen Mysore?
I have been there twice so far. Once about forty years ago and next, just the other day. I loved Mysore then and loved it even now. Bangalore was great 40 years ago; Mysore is so even forty years later.
If you are planning to visit Mysore, I have an advice to give you. Don’t pay a flying day visit to Mysore and dash back to Bangalore. That’s what the sightseeing companies do. They pick you from Bangalore, rush you to Mysore, a hurried visit to the Mysore Palace, and equally hurried visits to other ‘must do’ places in and around Mysore, go to Vrindavan Gardens and as soon as darkness falls and the wonderful lighting mesmerises you, they pull out and head back to Bangalore. That’s what happened to me. I felt very cheated.
So, when you go to Mysore, plan an overnight stay. And make sure you are there on Sunday night. Why? What is so special about Sunday night? You will find answer to this question in the soon to come next post. Right now let’s focus on Mysore by day.
One of the greatest reasons for visiting Mysore is seeing the Mysore Palace. It is majestic. It is fantastic. It is regal. Seeing the palace is one of the greatest joys I have had.
Photography is not allowed inside the palace. This restriction is placed to protect the paint on the walls and paintings on the walls. You will find similar restrictions at many of the caves.
So the images that you will find here are only an outside view of the palace.
I hope you like them and your resolve to visit Mysore becomes more firm.

So, so long till the next post, soon.



  1. pramod bhave

    म्हैसूर सुंदर आहे . ४० वर्षापूर्वी जास्त सुंदर होते . तू काढलेले पॅलेसचे फोटो सुंदर आहेत .

      1. Alok Malhotra

        Nice description with beautiful pictures.

  2. Girish Dave

    Very nice photos with detailed narration. Thanks.


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