The Mysore Palace by Night

In my previous post, I presented before you how I saw the Mysore Palace looks in the daylight.

Today, I put before you how the Palace looked at night.

You remember, in my previous post I advised you to make a stay at Mysore on Sunday night?

The reason is that on Sunday evening, the Palace is lit up with lights, on the same lines, I am told, as they do it on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami!

We learnt this online and therefore planned to stay overnight at Mysore on Sunday.

I told you I saw the Mysore Palace forty years back on a one day sightseeing tour. I could not see it all lit up at night at that time. This therefore was a big opportunity for me – perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I therefore desperately wanted to enjoy it, store it in my eyes and catch it in my camera.

I did exactly that.

The results of my photographic efforts to capture the beauty of the Mysore Palace by night are placed before you.

I hope you like them.

If you have seen the palace by night in past, does your memory match with these images?

If you have yet not had the luck to see it, bookmark this post for your future reference.

So, enjoy and do tell me how you respond to them.

Here we go:

Here are a few photographs of the unlit buildings:

I immensely enjoyed the scenario and equally enjoyed photographing it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the images.

With this post we leave Mysore and move to something equally interesting!

Wait for the (soon to come, as usual) next post.

Bye till the.





  1. Padhi

    Great palace ! Nice photography, especially those taken at night.

  2. Shiva Karthik Bantu

    Fantastic Images. Expecting more pics from all the beautiful places in India.


    1. ·

      Thanks. wherever I may happen to go, I shall make images and present to you for your viewing pleasure!


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