Pillars in the Children’s Traffic Park, Nagpur


Nagpur has a park by the name of Children’s Traffic Park, popularly known as the Traffic Park. It is a small park. It has been created with the intention of creating awareness about traffic rules and safety along with providing entertainment to children.

The park is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Shrikant Jichkar, who is referred to Dynan Yogi, because he was had a great love for learning and knowledge and had studied a large verity of fields of knowledge. During his lifetime he was a very popular and respected personality.

Unfortunately he died an untimely death.

This park is a fitting tribute to Dr. Jichkar.

As one enters the park, on a wall to the gate, one finds various traffic signs painted.

Elsewhere also in the park we will come across these signs. I must say that the intention to educate has been done tastefully.

The park has the usual collection of slides and swings and other children games. One structure I found interesting is this.

One more thing about the park. It also doubles as a joggers’ and walkers’ park and also has ample of place for those who want to take exercise on open air.

I visited the park at about eight O’clock in the morning and saw a good number of people jogging or walking or stretching themselves. This also provides them with a place and opportunity for socializing and they were enjoying themselves.

I have written above about what is there as one looks to the left upon entering the park. But in fact as one enters a park, or any place for that matter, one first looks not to the left or right, but straight ahead. And see what was there as one looked straight ahead.

There are, on a nicely broad and an appropriately raised platform, colourful pillars! About sixty in number, they form a smooth arc. Ranging from dull blue on the left to post-box red on the right, the colours gradually move from subdued to dark. What a delight! This is something I have never seen in any park till now.

I drank in the wonderful colourful scenario to my satisfaction.

Then the brain took over. What is the purpose of these pillars? Who conceived them? Is it original or a replication of something done elsewhere? How did the designer convince the bureaucrats that this will look good? How did he deal with their objections?

Of a closer inspection was called for. So closer I went. The pillars themselves are made of concrete. The horizontal pieces seem to be made of iron. (I saw some rust at some places). I was happy to note that the paint on them was in quite good condition.

Such structures are a photographer’s delight. So I went to work.

Here’s the report:


The day I went to the park was cloudy and overcast. No sun in the sky and no chance of its coming out. Nice atmosphere. Good for most photography. But while I was capturing these images, a thought occurred to me that the shadows of these pillars will also make good subjects. So, I went back on a sunny morning. I went a bit late, about 9.00 a. m. Most of the walkers / joggers / exercisers had left, reducing my guilt level. Here are some images I could make while the sun stayed outdoors.


These pillars will look almost the same at all times of the day.

Not so with the shadows.

They will become shorter or longer as the sun rises and goes down. They will change position. They will move left or right with the seasonal changes in the position of the sun. They will be softer during the rainy season as he sun rays filter through clouds; but will become absolutely sharp and dark in the summer when the sun is firing on all cylinders and there is not a single cloud in he sky.

And every time they will draw a different pattern on the steps.

Possibilities and combinations are infinite. It is impossible (at least for me) to photograph them all.

But one thing is certain.

I’d be going there at least once again in April or May at around 10 -10.30 a. m.

Like to join me? Welcome!

Liked my efforts?

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