Sanjay Yadav

Sanjay Yadav is a videographer. He takes his videography very seriously and is always on the lookout for tips, tricks, methods and approaches to improve his craft. He is always experimenting and is trying out something new or different.

Both, he and I are associated with the Kavi Kusmagraj Vachanalay, a library located in Seawoods area where we live. In all the programmes organized by the library, he does the videography and I do still. We got acquainted in course of one of such functions. Being travellers on the same path, we soon became friends despite the age difference. Both of us enjoy discussing and critiquing each other’s work: both of us draw inspiration from these discussions as also learn something new every time.

Sanjay is an artist and loves art. He has chosen videography as his favoured medium, has learnt it and is good at it and dedicatedly practices it. The only issue is time. Holding down a full time job – and last year he was transferred out of Mumbai, thankfully, he is back now – and raising a family take up the two prime time slots and he has to make do with whatever time is left. This also puts restrictions on our meetings and discussions.

Well, that’s life!

Sanjay is a simple soul. And sincere to the core. He has those old-fashioned middle class values. When he came to know that every single person associated with this library works gratis and indeed at times at his own expense, without any hesitation and without waiting for an invitation, he joined the band wagon and has been meticulously filming all events that the library organizes. He has tremendous respect for others who have dedicated themselves to the cause of the library. He feels and emotional attachment with to the library and concerns himself with its growth. It is always an inspiring sight to see him agitatedly discussing strategies for increasing membership, having owned premises and more funds, with the office bearers of the library.

Whenever i attend any function, ceremony, or picnics, I make it a point to photograph other photographers. This is for three reasons: one. I like it. Two, nobody photographs them; they’re always behind the camera. And three, I love the utmost concentration with which they take photographs. I love to capture those expressions and moments.

On several occasions I have photographed Sanjay in action.

Recently, in a musical function, once again both of us turned up with our playthings. I grabbed a seat at a vantage point. The lighting conditions were good.  Sanjay, as usual was orbiting around the performers and every once in a while around the audience.

After a while, having photographed the performers and the audience a few times over, not much was left to shoot there, though I was enjoying the music. That’s when I started paying serious attention to Sanjay. In course of his orbiting, he was moving in and out of the lighting. I also noticed the calm concentration with which he was filming the performers.

Here are a few images a few glimpses I captured that night for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy them.  And oh, by the way, do look him up on You Tube to have a taste of his videography. Simply put Sanjay Yadav in the search box and press enter.

Until we meet next,


Observe the nirvana-like calm on his face!

Since this was a matter of light and shadows, black and white to jaroor banta hai! 


  1. Saumil

    Dear Baba,

    It was a pleasure to “meet” a person without “meeting” him! Passion is written all over his face!
    Thank you.

  2. Alok Malhotra

    Amazing captures Sir. And the description is very apt too. Nice to know Sanjay Yadav through words and lens.


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